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1. Giving quality service is obviously the first step to any good business keeping customer satisfaction.
Assess every action you do in your daily schedule for areas that could be upgraded. Many people feel
they have done something a certain way for so long that they wouldn't need to change their modus
operandi. Think about what things would make an impact on you if you were the customer. Most
importantly, differ from the competition.

2. The relationship you establish with your customer is paramount. One common mistake is waiting for
the customer to figure out how valuable your service is. Let them know! Every month or so, make sure
the customer knows how good of a job you're doing. Many customers in this industry take it for granted
when their lot is sparkling. Tell the manager all of the steps you take to keep his parking lot in tip-top
shape. Management changes possess a real threat to your business. When new ones come in, they will
attempt to demonstrate their thriftiness by assessing every item the company spends on. It's vital that
you create a good first impression to keep your contract.

3. The first thing that everyone asks is how to get sweeping clients. There is good reason for this, as this
is by far the most important aspect anyway. While there are many ways to go about this ordeal, here
are some of the preferred methods of many successful companies:

1. Face-to-face advertising is possibly the most effective way to gain a client. Create a neat and

creative brochure to hand out, and just start delivering. Not only does this give you a more
personable look, it gives you interesting insights into the rest of the sweeping industry. This
method is easily the most efficient with regards to getting new accounts.

2. Mailing lists are a second effective technique for getting your name and service out there.
Mailing addresses of popular businesses are not hard to find, and you can easily spread your
name around. Although this method is good for quick distribution, it makes it much more
difficult to appear personal and friendly.

3. There's a reason telemarketing is such a widely-used method of advertising: it works. Many
telephone companies hold free seminars on this subject, and if you choose this method, these
will be highly valuable to you. Not only are phone calls quick, you still get to keep part of your
personal touch while on the phone. Make sure you are very friendly, as this will be the
customers first impression of you.

4. Get involved with local organizations! Make connections with other groups around you, as this will
not only improve your public image, it will also give you valuable contacts for the future. Find clubs that
business owners from the area are likely to be in, and make some friends.

5. The number one mistake people make in planning is the ease of performing a service. No one takes
into account the elbow grease required to lift a business off the ground. You need to work hard and
take into account the things your customers want, no matter the personal cost. It's interesting to note
that your first business scheme will most likely be unsuccessful, and you will need to continue adjusting
even after your business is well on its way.

What makes a successful business sweeping owner different from you? Absolutely nothing. You just
need to jump in and get going! While there are many things you need to know before you start your
business, you must realize that you won't have every answer before you begin; some things you just
have to find out on your own.


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